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Service Engine Soon Light

The often ignored service engine soon light or check engine light. This light to most people is more of a “my car is crying wolf”. The check engine light comes on for a reason. It could be anything from a leaking fuel cap to a bad catalytic convertor to a bad sensor for the transmission. The check engine light remains a mystery until the code is pulled. Once we have the code, we can make a determination of what the problem is. By no means is the problem diagnosed by just pulling the code, but the code does tell where to start. Once we have the code, the diagnosis can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to hours. Driving around with a check engine light can do long term damage to the catalytic convertor, which is on average around $500 to repair. It is recommended to at least have the problem diagnosed to determine whether or not the light being on is a serious issue or one that can be lived with.

If you happen to have you check engine light on, please visit our Fairfield or Hamilton Ohio auto repair shop. If you'd like to get in and out quickly, you may schedule an appointment today!

Written on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 by Keith
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