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Fluids Fluids Fluids. . . Transmission, Transaxle, Differential

Just like the human body, transmission, transaxle and differential fluids are essential to help prolong the life of your vehicle. If you do not have these fluids checked and changed when needed, you will find that your engine and transmission will receive excess wear and tear and will need to be replaced much sooner than you would like or could probably afford. The good news is that we are here to help you keep your vehicle running smoothly! With preventative maintenance, we can help you avoid costly breakdowns.

For the most part, women tend to feel very vulnerable when it come to caring for their automobiles; very few women know how to check, let alone change, the fluids that help to keep their vehicle running well. As a result, the proper maintenance is put off because they feel like a professional mechanic will just take advantage of their lack of knowledge and charge them for services not really needed. The vehicles then begin to wear down more quickly and end up costing much more to repair than they would to have undergone preventative maintenance.


In your vehicle, the transmission/transaxle is a very important part of your vehicle's power train. The transmission/transaxle is basically what makes your vehicle able to shift between gears and make it run smoothly. It is very complex and is made up of many different pieces. Over time, the transmission/transaxle pieces begin to wear down because of heat on the different parts that make up the transmission/transaxle

The best defense you have against this wear and tear is preventative maintenance. According to the recommendations of your vehicle's user manual, the first step is for you to regularly check this fluid. It isn't hard to do and can literally save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Just follow the instructions in your manual in order to check the transmission/transaxle fluids during the in-between times of the actual recommended changing of the fluids.

The actual changing of the fluid, unless you have been specifically trained, is best left to the professionals. There are over 50 different kinds of these fluids and knowing more about your transmission/transaxle will determine which specific fluid to use for a replacement. A trained mechanic will be able to take a look at the fluid and tell if there are any kind of contaminates that can be indicators of other engine problems as well. So when it is time for your transmission/transaxle fluid to be changed, save yourself some money and headache and just bring it in to us to be taken care of properly.


In 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive vehicles like pick-up trucks and SUVs, there are gears that are oil lubricated differentials. They are not easy to get to and in just about every case, a lift is required. This fluid is also vital to the life of your vehicle. This fluid is often neglected, though, because it is such a pain to get to. With that said, it is absolutely necessary to maintain and change, according to your vehicle's suggested maintenance schedule. Ignoring this fluid could cause many power train problems, including:

* The breakdown of the gear oil

* Poor performance in the differential, causing noise

* Corrosion of the gears caused by excessive wear

* Differential failure


Any of those conditions can mean that your differential needs to be replaced and that can cost as much as $1500! It makes much more sense to bring it to us and let us properly change it. This will also save you a ton of money and heartache in the long run.


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